Online Resources

Archaeology Organizations

  1. The Society for Historical Archaeology or SHA has many references. This website defines archaeology, underwater archaeology, and more methods of anthropological research. Many tools for archaeology students including graduate studies programs, dating artifacts, publications and more. The site helps archaeology students write in the correct style for reports. Here is a link that gives examples of correct archaeological citations in a bibliography.
  2. The Glossary of Archaeology Terms is a student resource. The glossary is slightly different from our own and can provide additional information to researchers.
  3. The Society for American Archaeology or SAA is a renowned organization of archaeology. This website gives a complete description of public archaeology. Here students can also find conference dates to bring their publications to a conference to present findings.
  4. The Society for Californian Archaeology is a great resource for archaeology specifically in our state. The site has publications, job opportunities, conference dates, and more.
  5. The California Missions Foundation is a great resource for students conducting archaeology in California’s coastal region. This site has a great map directory of all thee California missions.
  6. For researchers needing archaeological journals there is American Journal of Archaeology or AJA. Here is a website with a  list of  many archaeological journals Doug’s Archaeology. These types of journals can give a  current events in archaeology and new discoveries.