The CSU Monterey Bay Archaeology Program for which this website was created was made possible by a grant from the campus Office of the Provost Innovation in Teaching and Learning Grant. The proposed project was granted $10,000 for the development and deployment of an interactive, multimedia-rich, web resource needed to transform existing curriculum into a blended learning approach, flipped or inverted classroom, concerned with “Visualizing Archaeology: A Practice-Based Approa ch to Lab and Field Methods.”
Funding from the CSU Monterey Bay Innovation in Teaching and Learning Grant program has permitted us to build a team of first-rate technicians, content specialists, and student project interns. As such, we would like to thank Dr. Bonnie Irwin, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Eduardo M. Ochoa, President, CSU Monterey Bay, for their unwavering support in this and related project initiatives.

The grant was co-authored by Visualizing Archaeology Project Director and Principal Investigator Dr. Rubén G. Mendoza and Program Coordinator and Content Management & Design Consultant Ms. Jennifer A. Lucido of the CSU Monterey Bay Archaeology Program. Mr. Christian Graves saw through the implementation of all WordPress website design and code modification and revision, and video embedding in his capacity as the Visualizing Archaeology Project Information Technologist and Systems Analyst. CSU Monterey Bay student intern Aaron Gilmartin provisioned videography and post-production and editing of those Visualizing Archaeology project videos and interviews incorporated into this website. CSU Monterey Bay Archaeology Program student Ms. Emily Smith saw through the integration of site content and image placements.

We are particularly grateful to the dedicated and devoted staff of the Division of Social, Behavioral, and Global Studies, and the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, whose ongoing support ultimately made possible the project represented here. As such, we would like to acknowledge the extraordinary and critical administrative roles played by Dr. Yong Lao, SBGS Chair, Mr. Brendan Taylor, SBGS Administrative Analyst, and Ms. Karlynn Ferris, SBGS Student Assistant, without whom this project could not have been brought to completion. Moreover, we acknowledge the administrative oversight and support of Dr. Ilene Feinman, Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Professor Mendoza is particularly indebted to his devoted family — Linda, Natalie, and Maya Mendoza — for their ongoing support, love, and patience despite the long hours required to assure our success in this endeavor.