Lab and Field Deliverables

Rubén G. Mendoza, PhD

Note: Lab deliverables constitute those activities undertaken in lab and field contexts. Each week you will be challenged to complete one or more of each of the following labs. Major Deliverables, by contrast, are those course requirements that may require study and project development outside lab and field contexts.

LD 01: Video Reviews
LD 02: Archaeology and the Scientific Method
LD 03: Technical Writing and Scientific Description
LD 04: Scientific and Technical Illustration
LD 05: Artifact Processing, Analysis and Identification
LD 06: Technical Imaging and Artifact Photography
LD 07: Lab and Field Record Data Entry
LD 08: Field Notes Preparation and Review
LD 09: Site Survey, Mapping, and Unit Designations
LD10: Site Tour, Archaeology of Museums and Journal Entry
LD11: Field Assignments, Equipment Inventory, and Setup
LD12: Excavation Methods Review (From Assigned Exercise) LD13: Field Specimens Analysis and Lab Identification
LD14: Stratigraphic Mapping and Unit Profiles
LD15: Munsell Soil Color Chart Readings
LD16: Munsell Soils Testing, pH analysis and Pollen Sampling
LD17: Tree Rings and Chronometry
LD18: Visualizing Data and Reporting Results
LD19: Typology and the Historic Americans Building Survey
LD20: Archaeology Open House and Conference Contributions

Major Deliveras
MD 1: Midterm Project Proposal (See Proposal Format guidelines) MD 2: Field Journals, Maps, and Project Data Review
MD 3: Final Project, Conference, and Museum Exhibition Contributions (See Guidelines: Projects) MD 4: Midterm/Endterm Self Assessments (See Questionnaire)
MD 5: Final Project Portfolio and Lab and Field Journal (See Guidelines)